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The Cajun Family

Jason & Amanda Boutin

With roots in Northern Vermont and the Acadian country of Louisiana, Cajun's is simply one of a kind...

Eighteen years ago, Leo "Cajun" Boutin and his wife Jane started a small seasonal snack bar in the rural town of Lowell, Vermont.  Through the years the business grew to surpass their highest expectations.  This continual expansion was in part thanks to the genuine, quality southern style of cooking brought by "Cajun", and the inviting atomosphere only atainable in a true family business.  


Cajun's Snack Bar is now in it's second generation of ownership, with Leo and Janes son Jason, and  his wife Amanda now behind the reins.  Jason and Amanda have made it their passion to continue in the businesses heritage, serving fresh, quality ingredients, while maintaining the person feel that is a family business.  


As the years tick by, Cajun's has been fortunate to have some of the industries best help stick by their side season after season.  With this help and a growing loyal customer base Cajun's looks forward to each season, and thanks all of those who make it possible.  

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